Nestled deep within the Hill Country, Lonehollow’s picturesque facility provides the perfect retreat for campers to escape the pressures of city life, to return to a simpler style of living enjoying the splendor of God’s creation. We are located between Vanderpool and Utopia in the rugged Texas Hill Country. Bordered by mountains on either side, Lonehollow extends some 3,000 acres. The main camp area is nestled deep within the property on the banks of a 18-acre crystal blue lake.

     We offer co-ed sessions to children ages 7-16. Camp families can choose to attend either two or four-week sessions. Children ages 7- 9 can also choose to attend a one-week only session.



"I'm so impressed how you can make my two very different children so happy. I think that is the mark of a truly amazing place!"

-Christopher and Davis' Mom


It began almost a decade ago. After years in the camping industry, veteran camp director, Meg Clark, and her husband Clayton had witnessed the evolution of camping, the ever-changing needs of today’s youth, and their own first-hand experience with their two children who attended camp. They shared a vision. They dreamed of building the most unique, one-of-kind summer camp in Texas. Something more than just providing fun activities for children. They wanted something that focused on the individual, that helped each child unearth hidden talents to nurture and grow. Somewhere where children didn’t fear failure but instead learned to persevere through challenges. Somewhere where children could grow their independence, build citizenship skills, and develop leadership abilities to prepare them for their lives. So after months of meticulous, detailed planning, Lonehollow officially opened its gates in the summer of 2006 to children from the world over.


That first summer was a success, and it reaffirmed the value of the Lonehollow mission to guide campers through a journey of successful self-discovery. But it was only the beginning. Because we are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of today’s ever-changing youth, we recognized that we will always be changing and growing. New adventures constantly await in the Lonehollow legacy!



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