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We follow this fun-filled schedule Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, we like to relax and take it a bit slower. Campers sleep later, have more free time, and participate in special Sunday-only activities.

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Reveille (Wake Up)



First Activity Period

Second Activity Period

Refuel (Snack)

Third Activity Period

Fourth Activity Period


Value Sessions

Rest Period

Refuel (Snack)

Fifth Activity Period

Sixth Activity Period


Evening Program

Cabin Time, Showers, Etc.

Taps (Lights Out)
Lights out for oldest campers

camp activities

dance practice

Each two- or four-week camper grades 5th – 11th will make his/her individual schedule upon arrival at Lonehollow by using their on-line activity selections.  If an activity wasn’t selected online, your camper may not have an option to take the class due to popularity.  After an introduction assembly to the activities and staff in each department, campers walk through a registration process similar to how college classes were once scheduled in the pre-Internet era. Some campers will choose classes based on the staff member teaching it, some will choose based on a desired skill they have never tried before, and some will choose a class because it is what a friend is taking. Whatever the reason, we want it to be just that…each camper’s individual choice. Once campers attend their first classes, they have an opportunity to take part in “adds & drops” should they find the class isn’t as expected.


Two- and four-week campers (4th grade and younger) will receive their schedule upon arrival built for them using their on-line activity preferences. They will have plenty of time to change their schedules as well. We’ve found it is less confusing for our younger campers if we pre-register them ahead of time, preventing them from running to Horseback in a still-soaked swimsuit. By completing the online activity preference, your camper will be guaranteed a spot in their top choices. Otherwise, scheduling favorite classes will be challenging.


Short Term campers will have a pre-determined schedule that will circulate through each camp department so, completing preferences in advance is not required.



NOTE: Some classes are fee-based. Those with nominal fees,such as ceramics, woodworking, and leatherworks, will be expensed through the camp store account. Those with a more expensive fee,such as Scuba, will be paid in advance of camp after being identified on the camper activity preference form.

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a group of teen campers

As our campers continue to grow, our Lonehollow Leadership program is also expanding.  By focusing on communication, teamwork, and character building with our teen campers, we hope to both help prepare them for life after high school as well as, bring their Lonehollow experience full-circle. We want them to continue to advance in their camper career until they are guiding and leading our younger generation of campers.  The outline below shows the path to leadership we hope our teen campers will take.


Lead Climbers (10th Graders) – In addition to regular programming, Lead Climbers enjoy these select activities:


• Lead Climber only class

• A two-night out of camp trip

• Planning and budgeting for that trip

• Group collaboration and leadership training

• Speaking at the Final Program


Work Crew (11th Graders) – Extend your camp memories while getting real-world work experience. Work Crew campers will transition to Counselors-in-Training through this experience.  Special activities include:


• Unique daily schedule composed of both work around camp and participation in activities

• Set up for and serve at picnics and Refuel

• Set up for and assist with Evening Programs

• Plan and execute a service project within our community

• Assist Guides in classes

• Attend continuing education meetings addressing character and leadership building



Counselors In Training (C.I.T - 12th graders) – This position is by invitation only extended to those former Work Crew and Lead Climber campers who have demonstrated qualities we look for in a Guide – hard working, commitment, a positive can-do attitude, and enthusiasm. Our CITs will apply for the position and will be taken through our entire interview and hiring process.  This is a great tool as they prepare for graduation.  CITs are paid a salary, live in a cabin with campers, and teach activities.



June 2 - July 1

June 2 – June 16

June 17 – July 1

July 7 – August 5

July 7 – July 21

July 22 – August 5

First Term

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catching a football
dance practice
a group of teen campers

activities and program

dance practice
catching a football
a group of teen campers