Lonehollow's Response to COVID-19:
Focusing on our Camp Families


July 7, 2020


Dear Lonehollow Families,


Last night, we received additional guidance from the Texas Department of State Health Services that we felt was important to pass along to you.  Consistent with the new face covering requirements across Texas, campers and staff must now wear face coverings during the following times:

  • When participating in classes or events inside or if unable to maintain social distancing during classes or events outside (with a few exceptions such as swimming and some strenuous activities)
  • When inside their cabins (unless they are showering, brushing teeth, or in their beds)


Campers and staff must follow these new guidelines even when they are only with their cabin mates.  Prior to this time, our official guidance was written in such a way that allowed cabins to be the equivalent of households, which meant that face coverings were not required within a cabin group.


We have implemented these guidelines with our staff and are continuing to prepare for your camper’s arrival.  Please call or email us with any questions you may have.


Most sincerely,

Your Lonehollow Family





June 30, 2020

Dear Lonehollow Families,

We have received a number of questions about our health and safety procedures in light of the increased COVID-19 cases in Texas.  As we continue to daily monitor the situation, the health and safety of our campers and staff remains our top priority.  We are aware that certain counties and municipalities have put new orders in place.

As the start of camp on July 11th approaches, we will stay current with any travel restrictions that could affect campers.  Additionally, the ability to access rapid testing in a timely manner has diminished over the last week.  We have changed a couple of our policies outlined in the FAQs to respond to this situation.  We understand that this change may affect your camper’s ability to attend camp, and we will provide a full refund of all deposits, tuition, and fees if this is the case.  We have also added an amendment to the Special Participation Agreement and Waiver of Liability in Relation to Risk of Coronavirus Infection While at Camp Lonehollow that parents/legal guardians will need to sign before campers arrive at camp.  The amendment can be reviewed and signed once you login to your account and click on Forms and Documents.  Please read this amendment carefully as it includes changes in regards to the parent/legal guardian’s responsibility if their camper requires testing for COVID-19.  The details of this are explained in the FAQs link above.

In the meantime, staff started arriving at camp today, and we are working hard to prepare for camp!

Thank you, as always, for your support!


Happy camping,


Your Lonehollow Family





May 27th, 2020


Dear Lonehollow Families,


The wait is finally over!  We are excited to share our Summer 2020 Program with you.  This year’s program has been adjusted to reflect guidelines from the State of Texas and Centers for Disease Control.  As an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited camp, we are also follow higher industry standards recommended by the ACA.


While this summer may not look like Lonehollow as you’ve known it, our desire to be innovative remains the same.  This year, for obvious reasons, that innovation centers around safety.  We have worked to follow guidelines for COVID-19 while creatively including and enhancing the aspects of camp we know our campers love.  We have designed our new summer program with a focus on camp safety and health and an emphasis on fun and our core values of Growth, Empowerment, Adventure and Resilience.


After you have finished reading this information, please let us know if your camper will attend Camp Lonehollow this summer by clicking here by June 1st.


Highlights of our program include:


2nd Term: Saturday, July 11th – Sunday, August 9th

2A: Saturday, July 11th – Saturday, July 25th

2B: Sunday, July 26th – Sunday, August 9th


We made the difficult decision to push our opening to July 11th to give ourselves time to adequately prepare and adjust our programming in order to provide the best experience possible while still fully complying with the guidelines we have received.



  • All campers and staff will have daily health checks that will include temperature and symptom checks.
  • We will increase the frequency with which we disinfect high touch areas and surfaces and common spaces.  We will also disinfect equipment and supplies between classes.
  • We are creating additional hand washing stations at camp.  We will place hand sanitizing stations in all cabins and activity areas.
  • In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we will not fill either session to our normal capacity.  We will space campers out as much as possible in our cabins, maintaining appropriate bed spacing as recommended by the ACA and State of Texas.
  • Meals will be served in shifts so we can maintain social distancing in the Dining Hall.  Food will be plated for campers as an additional safety precaution.
  • We are asking our families to partner with us to monitor campers’ and staff members’ health for 14 days leading up to their arrival at camp and complete a required pre-camp health screening form.
  • All campers and staff will also need to sign an additional waiver.
  • For more details about the guidelines we will follow this summer, please click on the following links:



  • During camp, campers and counselors will stay with their cabins for meals, activities and Evening Programs.  The only other people they will have regular contact with are the campers and counselors in their division.  Division groups will include no more than 50 campers and staff.  These divisions will be decided based on age and gender, meaning boys and girls will remain separate throughout camp, as will older and younger campers.
  • In order to stay with their cabins, campers must take activities as a cabin.  Cabins will choose ten activities a week, for a total of twenty activities per two-week session.
  • We will offer the majority of our classes this summer!  The activities we will not be able to offer are: Game On, Kidz Kunstruction, Outdoor Cooking, Podcasting, SCUBA, Snorkeling, Rock Wall, and Videography.
  • We will still have a focus on Crews and Crew Competitions.  However, there will be no all-camp crew events. New campers will be able to draw for a crew but the ceremony will be modified to prevent Divisions from mixing. Crew Outpost, Crew Yell, Crew Challenge, Adventure Race, Field Day, and the Art Show will take place in small groups based on Divisions, if possible.


For more details about our Summer 2020 Programming and a list of Frequently Asked Questions


It is our sincerest hope that your camper will attend Lonehollow this summer.  However, we understand that each of you approaches this situation with a different set of considerations and circumstances.  While we have striven to increase the safety of our camps, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of COVID-19.  Please click here no later than June 1st to let us know whether or not your camper will attend Camp Lonehollow this summer.  If you choose not to send your camper to Lonehollow this summer, you must respond no later than June 1st to receive a full refund.


Thank you for graciously staying by our side during this long wait.  We are looking forward to an amazing Summer 2020, and we hope to share it with you and your camper!


Happy Camping,


Your Lonehollow Family






May 5th, 2020


Dear Lonehollow Families,

Thank you for your loyalty, trust, and patience.  We, like you, have been challenged by some of the difficult changes the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to make.  Those changes have required many character traits and skills we work so hard to build in our campers, staff and all who enter our gates: resilience and grit have surely been required and strengthened as we work from home, teach our children, and look for rays of hope on the horizon.


Our greatest desire is for every one of our campers to have the opportunity to come to Lonehollow this summer. As our summer season nears, we are focusing on how we can responsibly and safely open camp.  We want to share with you the difficult decisions we have made so far about Summer 2020.  We apologize for any inconveniences you may experience as a result of these necessary changes.


Please note that our plans may have to be revised pending guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Camp Association (ACA), and our state and federal governments.


  • DATES: We have made the decision to open camp no earlier than Saturday, June 27th.  We plan to run between 4 – 6 weeks of camp this summer and to enroll all campers whose terms have been cancelled or delayed in a different session.  Camp will end no later than Sunday, August 9th.  To all our 1A, 1B and Sprockets 1 campers and families, please know that we love you and this decision was incredibly difficult for us to make.  We truly want you to attend Lonehollow this summer and hope you are able to reschedule for another term!   

    WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR INPUT:  Our goal is to create a calendar that allows every child who wants to come to Lonehollow this summer to do so.  In order to best accommodate you and your camper, we ask that you fill out a quick survey stating whether your camper plans on returning to Lonehollow this summer.  To complete our 3-minute survey, log in to your Lonehollow account, click “Forms and Documents” and choose Summer 2020 Survey. 

  • BUSES: Based on current information and opinions from our Lonehollow community, we have decided not to use buses for Opening Day drop-offs.  We will provide you with more details about our modified camp arrival system at a later date.  Families who have paid for the bus service will receive refunds for their bus fees.

  • OUT OF CAMP TRIPS:  Navigators, Lead Climbers and LITs will not be able to leave the camp property for any trips.  We will ask for the campers’ input on how to make their experiences memorable onsite.  Families who have paid for the Lead Climber trip will receive refunds for the trip fees.

  • CABIN ASSIGNMENTS:  Due to demand, we cannot guarantee that all 8th-11th grade boys will live in Treehouse cabins nor that all 9th-11th grade girls will live in the Silos. Cabin assignments will depend on availability, but we will still make every effort to place campers with their friends.

  • We know you have questions.  Here’s an FAQ list we’ve put together


We send our heartfelt thanks to all of you in our Lonehollow community who are serving others during this time of crisis.  We extend our love and support to those families who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  We hope all of our families continue to stay safe and experience good health.  Please remember to complete the survey in your Lonehollow account by Thursday, May 7th to secure your camper’s spot for summer 2020.


Happy camping,

Your Lonehollow Family




April 23rd, 2020


Dear Lonehollow Families,

Thank you again for your patience and support as we continue to determine the best course of action for the summer.  Like you, we want what’s best for your campers. We continue to hope that our summer schedule will not be impacted, but our top priority remains the safety and health of our campers, our staff, their families, and our community.


Since our last email, we have determined the following:

  1. In order for us to run camp this summer, the following parameters must be met:

    a. There are no bans on large group gatherings that would limit our ability to hold camp.

    b. There are no travel restrictions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    c. Medical experts determine that there are no heightened health risks.

  2. We plan to make a first wave decision about our summer calendar start date, including Sessions 1A, 1B, and Sprockets 1, no later than May 8th with additional decisions to follow in a timely manner.
  3. We are deliberately and responsibly implementing best practices for this summer with input from medical and industry experts.  For more information, click here .


We appreciate all the encouraging messages you’ve sent us.  Please know that you and your campers mean as much to us as camp means to them.  We hope that you and your family continue to experience good health.


Happy camping,

Your Lonehollow Family




March 24th, 2020


Dear Lonehollow Families,

We appreciate so much your patience as we, like all of you, navigate the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here is a summary of where we currently stand:


  1. Our first, and by far our most important, priority is the safety and health of our campers, our staff, and their families.
  2. Accordingly, we will diligently continue to follow the directives and guidance we receive from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the Texas Department of State Health Services, the White House, the American Camp Association and Young Life Camping.
  3. We continue to hope that our summer schedule will not be impacted.  However, we will refund your camper’s tuition in full for the 2020 camping session (including deposit, transportation fee, camp store deposit and lead climber trip fees) in the following situations:
    1. If Lonehollow cancels your camper’s specific term
    2. If your camper’s school end date overlaps with their camp term
    3. If Lonehollow’s entire summer camping season has to be cancelled


As always, you and your families are in our thoughts as we all follow current guidelines for social distancing, home schooling and all our new daily practices and routines.  Our hope is that you and your family experience continued good health.


Your Lonehollow Family


Read our update from March 18th, 2020


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Lonehollow's Response to COVID-19:
Focusing on our Camp Families