Developing and improving social skills – gearing for life – is all part of Lonehollow’s full-circle approach. So we serve meals family-style and encourage good dining etiquette as well as expanding our palettes should our campers ever find themselves seated at a state dinner or entertaining top clients.


That being said, this IS camp! So we like to get a little crazy and have some fun when we are all together at mealtimes. For example, we celebrate Wacky Wednesday each week where campers and staff alike dress in the craziest outfits imaginable and sign and dance to silly songs. We always have music playing. Sometimes it is just good ole’ background music. And sometimes, well, we’ve been known to stand on our seats and sing aloud after the meal has been served!


And the food? Well, there are no fish sticks and macaroni from a box being served here. Each day our chef prepares three well-balanced meals. We always have a hot breakfast option (and of course, cereal too for those picky little ones), at least two veggies for lunch and dinner, and entrees from steak to chicken tenders, Ask any camper, and they will tell you the best part is we also serve homemade desserts every lunch and dinner!


But we know sometimes trying Jambalaya for the first time won’t be a big hit with children, so we also vary our fare with traditional favorites like fried chicken and homemade macaroni-and-cheese. We even have outdoor picnics one evening a week where we serve picnic food likehamburgers and hot dogs with sodas or capri suns or water and a candy bar! We even have them practice introducing themselves as they ask for their candy, just another "geared to live" skill we are implementing in a subtle way.


We also serve two snacks each day. Each camper gets one snack item (granola bars, gold fish, etc.) and one serving of fruit (an apple, grapes, etc.) as well as juice/Gatorade or water.



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