Every now and then, it’s good to remind yourself why summer is for camp.


At Lonehollow, our mission is to provide a remarkable experience for everyone to discover, empower, and inspire their greatest self and we do this through our full-circle philosophy.


We believe in teaching skills from beginning to end, so campers learn more than just how to execute a skill. They learn how to plan ahead, overcome challenges, and what to do in case things don’t go the way they expect.


For example, in Canoeing, campers learn how to appropriately size their PFD (personal flotation device) and paddle. They learn the proper way to hold a paddle, launch their canoe, and what roles the bow and stern positions have. They practice and master a variety of canoe strokes to keep them straight while leisurely canoeing or racing. They practice what to do should they lose a paddle, take on water, or face other challenges. Then, how to properly dock their canoe, pull it out of the water, and store it to prevent any damage. Through this learning process, campers practice skills like responsibility, problem solving, and communication.



Our full-circle philosophy also extends beyond activities. Our campers today are tomorrow’s leaders. They grow from camper, to L.I.T., to Counselor-In-Training, to Guide, and maybe one day, Full-Time Staff.


As campers move through their Lonehollow experience, more leadership opportunities become available to them. As a returning camper, they can run for Maverick, a leadership position in their Crew. They can assist in teaching different skills as a part of completing higher Qualification levels. Then, in their L.I.T (11th grade) year, they can apply for different roles around camp to begin understanding all that goes into being a counselor.


These opportunities for growth and leadership are all built into our programming, but campers just know they’re having fun. It’s very common to hear from former campers while applying to work for Lonehollow how their camp experience has helped them grow and how they want to bring this same experience to campers as a counselor. It’s full circle.


We can’t wait for this summer; full-circle and full fun!


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