our mission and philosophy

Becoming Geared To Live

We live and breathe our motto, Geared To Live. It’s apparent all over Lonehollow; from the front gate when you arrive to the name tag on every camper. By intermixing fun, intentional programming, and youth development, the goal behind everything we do is for our campers to grow in character, feel empowered, and develop resilience while finding adventure.



Empower – We believe by creating our own extraordinary life experience we empower others to do the same.


Adventure – We believe in an atmosphere of fun, creativity, innovation, and excitement.


Resilience – We believe by building inner strength, grit, and determination campers can overcome any challenge.



While the focus of every program is fun, there is much more going on behind the scenes. Backed by research from the Search Institute on developmental assets, P21 on 21st Century Skills, and CASEL on social-emotional learning, we’ve built aspects into our programming from the latest in child development research.


Working in pairs for cabin clean-up improves 21st century skills like collaboration and communication. Striving towards a qualification level in archery builds assets like achievement motivation and personal power. Living in a cabin with campers from other cities shapes relationship skills and community awareness. We can’t count the number of times parents have commented on the growth in independence and confidence they’ve seen when their campers return home!



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our mission and philosophy