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Lonehollow officially opened its gates in the summer of 2006, but camp actually started long before when it was merely an image in Owner and Founder Meg Clark’s mind.  To this day, and true to her original ideas, Meg considers her primary role as “keeper of the Lonehollow vision.” She wants all who visit to discover, ignite, and awaken their own unique qualities and skills, to really learn about themselves, and realize their potential.


Born in Beaumont, Texas, Meg moved to the beautiful Hill Country in the late 1970's when her family purchased Camp Waldemar. She graduated from the University of Texas with a Communications Degree and started a career in commercial real estate. She quickly discovered her true passion was for camping and went back to the family business serving in all roles from Marketing and Purchasing to Assistant Director and Director.


Meg considers the amazing people (campers, counselors, and year-round staff) to be not only Lonehollow’s greatest asset, but also her family. She has two daughters following in her footsteps studying at the University of Texas and is also mom to camp’s most well known canine - Bojangles.



April Baxter

April, our Equestrian Director, originally from Houston, Texas, moved to Lonehollow in 2011 from Kentucky where she managed the largest privately owned thoroughbred farm in the state.


From enjoying the beauty of nature while on a trail ride to overcoming a fear (be it jumping for the first time or just sitting in a saddle), April helps campers connect with the horses. She sees firsthand how this drives them to be empowered and happy. She loves to give the gift of a new experience to campers and to see the joy on their faces when they accomplish their goals.


During the off-season, April competes in endurance riding, working equitation and competitive trail riding. She has shown in saddleseat, hunter jumper, pole bending, driving, dressage and western pleasure.  She has also worked with children in therapeutic riding, 4-H, and is able to ride a horse 50 miles per day!

Jennifer Burrier

Jennifer, our Office Manager, joined our staff in April 2009.  She is originally from San Benito, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M University.


Lonehollow is a special place for Jennifer not only because of its beautiful location, but also because of the culture. Its nurturing and safe environment enables all who enter to present their true best self. Whether it’s a camper’s first time away from home, first time to climb a rock wall, or first time to ride a bike, Jennifer loves to see campers celebrate these victories each summer and watch them grow in confidence and independence.


She is the proud mom of two Lonehollow campers and enjoys experiencing camp as a parent, as well as, a full-time staff member. She is the go-to person at camp and knows camper names, parents, siblings, and even some addresses all by heart. If she doesn’t have the answer to your question, she knows who will!

Addie Clark

Growing up in a camping family, Business Manager Assistant, Addie Clark, could not resist returning to her summer home after graduating from the University of Texas in May of 2017 with a degree in Corporate Communications and Business. She was one of Lonehollow’s original 47 campers and spent countless summers as camper, counselor, and administrative assistant. Because of the vital role camp played in shaping her life, Addie hopes to continue Lonehollow’s impact on future generations through her year round staff position

Teri Cloe

Teri, our Financial Manager, joined the Lonehollow family in January of 2017. She is originally from Colby, Kansas and is a graduate of Fort Hays State University with a degree in Business Administration. Before coming to Lonehollow, Teri ran her own bookkeeping practice and gained valuable experience in a variety of industries.”


It was a vacation in the Hill Country that solidified Teri and her fiancé Brad’s decision to make Texas home. Teri loves adventure, whether it is found in a book, by cruising through the Hill Country, exploring new places or catching up with new and old friends.


Teri is a proud mother of three, an even prouder grandmother of one, and is excited to witness all that camp experience has to offer. She loves that Lonehollow gives her the opportunity interact with children and watch them blossom as they learn, grow, and build confidence.


Cory Foust

Cory, our Activity Director, worked two summers as a counselor at Lonehollow before joining us full-time in 2014.  His hometown is Corpus Christi, Texas, and he attended McMurry University in Abilene, Texas, where he played soccer and football. It’s no wonder he’s our resident sports expert!


During the summer, Cory is responsible for all things activity related like making camper schedules, class registration, Field Day events, and much more.  Cory is also an Explorer Crew Leader during Second Term. In the off-season, Cory is our head recruiter and interviews all summer staff, drafts camp curriculum, and plans and facilitates school groups.


Cory’s favorite thing about Lonehollow is definitely the people. There is never a dull moment in the summer or off-season!  Cory hopes that campers take advantage of all of the excitement by making many new friends from different places and trying new experiences.

Adrienne Grubb

Adrienne, our Director, jumped right in joining our Lonehollow family mid-summer in 2012.  She is originally from Paris, Texas, and a graduate of Kansas State University. Adrienne’s years spent in education (both as a third grade teacher and elementary and middle school principal) are the catalyst for the top-notch activity curriculums we offer.


Adrienne says camp is FUN!  Coming from the education world, she always describes camp as recess, PE, and pep rallies all day long! She also loves the immediate sense of family.  Being together all day every day forms deep bonds and relationships.  The people you meet at camp and the friendships you make are unlike any other.


Adrienne wants kids to have a lot of fun, but also to grow as people.  Counselors have the wonderful opportunity to not only teach kids skills (archery, horseback riding, woodworking...), but also life lessons (responsibility, honesty, respect...). When kids learn new skills they gain independence and build confidence.  It's amazing to see how much they can learn in just two weeks!

Chad Katzenberger

Chad, our Operations Manager and SCUBA Director, began working at Lonehollow in the summer of 2009 teaching SCUBA with his wife Kitty.  He is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, and when he is not at Lonehollow, he is chasing behind two spunky little boys swimming along in dad’s footsteps.


Chad’s favorite thing about Lonehollow is teaching campers and watching them overcome their fears in the water.  He has more than 15 years of experience teaching children of all ages to dive. Chad encourages kids to seek adventure while respecting the underwater environment and being safe.

Christiana Kiesling

Christiana, our recruiter (and puppy adoption agent!) first came to camp in 2014 and spent four summers as a counselor, Division Director, and Mountaineer Crew Leader. Christiana joined us full-time in January 2018 after graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in Music Education.


For Christiana, Lonehollow is unique because it provides both counselors and campers with the opportunity to learn real-world skills while building lifelong friendships. Drawing on her own experience as a counselor, Christiana spends the off-season recruiting college-aged students to spend their summers changing lives at Lonehollow.


Chris luby

Chris, our Program Direction and Lonehollow’s first official family member started working for camp in 2005 … even before we opened our gates! Originally from Cedar Hill, Texas, and a graduate of Howard Payne University.  Chris  is an Eagle Scout and spent summers as a child at camp and spent his summers in college working  as a camp counselor and served on program staff at other camps before joining the Lonehollow team full-time.


As Program Director, Chris is the creative mind behind everything from those high-energy theme nights to our action-packed DVDs. He was instrumental in developing Lonehollow’s core program – think crews and their lore, types of activities offered, and evening programming.


His favorite thing about Lonehollow is the creative atmosphere and the camp’s overall passion to continue to be innovative. Lonehollow is a place that celebrates crazy ideas and encourages campers and staff to contribute to the continued growth of the camp’s traditions and program.


Megan Mikaelian

Megan, our Waterfront Director and Special Programs Director, is in charge of our Teen Leadership programs, including Lead Climbers, Work Crew, and Counselors-In-Training.


Megan came to camp in 2013 and spent her summers throughout college as a Division Director for the Pathfinder, Scout, and Adventurer/Lead Climber Divisions. She joined the Lonehollow Full Time Staff in January 2017 after graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Journalism.


For Megan, Lonehollow is special because the experience transcends the two months you spend there. Each summer, you leave camp a completely different person than when you enter. The friends you make, the skills you learn, and the campers you work with inspire you to be the best version of yourself in all aspects of life.


Jordan Peoples

Jordan, our New Camper and Parent Coordinator, is your go-to for all things new camper – camp tours, packing, homesickness, Opening and Closing Day, and everything in between!  She first came to camp in 2013 and spent the next six summers as a counselor, Division Director, Teen Program Coordinator, and Office Assistant.  Jordan joined us full time in June 2018 after graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Education and teaching 4th grade in Houston for four years.


One of Jordan’s favorite things about Lonehollow is our motto “Geared to Live” because we truly believe in gearing campers to be successful in all aspects of life.  From building skills to building assets, Lonehollow provides counselors and campers with an unforgettable experience!


Jeanne Stacy

Jeanne, our Director joined the Lonehollow family in the spring of 2015. She is originally from Huntsville, Texas and graduated from Brown University with a degree in English and American Literature.


Camp is woven into all parts of Jeanne’s life, and she brings a multi-faceted perspective to Lonehollow. She was a camper, a counselor, a leadership team member, and a full-time staff member at an all-girl’s camp in Texas. She is the mother of two former campers, and she even met her husband while working at a summer camp in college. It's safe to say that camp has played a major part in her life!


Jeanne's favorite thing about Lonehollow is how "It is such a great equalizer. It gets you out of your normal routine and gives you the opportunity to be more than you think you can be." Jeanne’s goals for our campers are the same goals she had for her children during their time at camp: to discover their passions, to grow in independence, and to become their best selves.


Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay, our Assistant Director, joined the Lonehollow family in the summer of 2011 and was immediately hooked! As a native Michigander, she was drawn in by the beauty of the hill country and the wonderful people who dedicate their time to Lonehollow. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Kinesiology, Lindsay spent time working as a Summer Day Camp Director and a 3rd grade teacher before returning to Lonehollow.


Having worked with children in various capacities what Lindsay loves most about summer camp is the opportunity for kids to become independent, discover their true selves, and get out of their comfort zones.

Tyler Thompson

Tyler, our Assistant Director first worked as a counselor in 2010- 2013. After graduating from Texas Tech University, Tyler spent five years in education, working in Middle School and High School as a history teacher, basketball coach, and athletic director. He joined the Lonehollow team again in 2018 with his wife Lindsay.


Tyler believes that summer camp has the power to help you create the best version of yourself. From improving your interpersonal skills, making connections, to getting out of your comfort zone, camp offers things can be hard to find elsewhere. Tyler loves Lonehollow’s mission, but what truly makes it a special place is the people who are dedicated to carrying out the mission.


Shannon Tuschak

Shannon, our Human Resource and Transportation Coordinator, first started at Lonehollow in the summer of 2010 as a Camp Mom. She quickly realized the truly special nature of camp and joined our year-round family in the fall of 2010.


Shannon is a local from Kerrville and graduated from the University of Texas.  Before working at Lonehollow, she worked for the State Comptroller of Texas in Austin for 11 years and then as a full-time mom to two beautiful daughters.


Shannon’s favorite thing about camp, besides the awe-inspiring scenery and the fantastic campers, is the staff! Shannon loves the hiring season because there is so much possibility for growth.  She gets to talk to the finest group of college students and then sees them transition into awesome mentors. From the first interview to the last day at camp, Shannon loves witnessing the journey of true growth and inspiration in all of our counselors.


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