How is my child assigned activities?

One of the forms due March 1 is an activity preference sheet. Please be sure to fill it out in “ranked order” for classes desired. This is how we determine staffing levels. If your child is going into 2nd-4th grades, he/she will be pre-assigned a schedule of activities based on those preferences. 5th graders and up spend time on the first day circulating to sign-up tables choosing their schedules. Each two- and four- week camper will have 12 activities assigned (six on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and six on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday).

*** Short term campers have a pre-assigned schedule for their entire group and will travel to classes together.


Are there any classes he/she will not be able to take? Why? Which ones?

*** Short term classes are already pre-assigned based on a specific class department rotation.


What if he/she doesn’t like a class after attending?

After attending at least one of each class, all campers have the opportunity to “add/drop” anything that doesn’t meet his/her expectations.

*** Short term campers only participate in a specific class once and follow a set schedule, so they will not have the opportunity to change their schedule.


Are you affiliated with a church?

We are based in Christian morals and values but not religiously affiliated. All faiths are welcome to participate. Read more in our life at camp section.




How many kids are in a cabin?

All cabins have 7-15 campers of the same age group living in them.

*** Short term cabins will have no more than 10 campers with two counselors. All campers in the cabin will only be attending the one-week session.


How many counselors are in a cabin?

Lonehollow maintains a 1:5 counselor to camper ratio in most all cabins. Most cabins have 2-3 staff living in them. A few of the older boy and older girl cabins may have one counselor to seven campers.


What does my child’s living space look like?

All cabins are custom built using native stone and wood. They are air-conditioned and have indoor bathroom facilities (except our treehouses for our older boys which also feature an outdoor shower area). Each camper sleeps in a custom built cedar bunk bed with a pillow top mattress and has a large drawer underneath into which they unpack their belongings. Bathroom storage is limited to a few shelves which the campers share.


Can I send snacks/drinks for my child to keep in the cabin?

No. Please do not send food or drinks either packed within your child’s belongings or in the mail. He/she will not be allowed to keep or accept them. We serve three full, well-balanced meals each day along with two snacks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) so campers are being fed at least every three hours. Food and drinks in cabins only leads to spills and sticky messes which invite all kinds of bugs and critters to join the fun.


How do cabins stay clean and disinfected?

Campers are responsible for the cleanliness of their cabins and are inspected once each day to make sure beds are made, clothes/towels/etc. picked up, counter tops and mirrors are clean, floors swept, trash is emptied, etc. Each camper will be given a specific task along with being expected to keep his/her personal areas clean. Cabin clean-up is a group effort. Additionally, counselors spray disinfecting bleach water on doorknobs, bath handles, and light switches on a daily basis and our Housekeepers do a deep clean once per week.




Where do campers eat? What are meals like?

Campers sit at tables with their cabins and eat family style. Wait staff deliver food to the tables but campers are in charge of serving and passing dishes. Breakfast each morning features cereal plus a hot breakfast. Lunch and dinner each feature an entrée and at least one vegetable and or fruit. Dessert is served at both lunch and dinner. Campers are strongly encouraged to try at least a few bites of everything we serve.


Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

While Lonehollow will provide some substitutions, campers who require special dietary accommodations such as vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free options may need to bring supplemental food to camp.  Your camper’s menu is uploaded to his/her account under Forms and Documents in order for you to determine if supplemental food is necessary.  If a main dish has a GF beside it, Lonehollow will offer a gluten free option. For any main dish with a V beside it, Lonehollow will offer a vegetarian option.  DF indicates the main dish is dairy free.  When providing supplemental food for your camper, please do not send items containing any type of nut or nut product such as almond/cashew milk, Nutella, peanut butter, granola bars, etc.




What if my child gets sick or hurt?

We have a nursing staff on duty in our health lodge available 24/7. More serious health needs will be sent into Kerrville to see a local pediatrician, urgent care physician or to the emergency room if needed. Emergency medical services are available from Utopia which is less than 10 miles away. In the event a camper needs additional medical attention not available in our health lodge, or if he/she resides in the Health Lodge for more than 24 hours due to illness, parents will be notified.


Can I send medicine with my child?

Our Health Lodge is fully stocked with basic over-the-counter and first-aid products.  Please do not send vitamins or supplements unless extenuating circumstances have been approved through the director.  Any prescription medications sent to camp MUST BE IN ORIGINAL CONTAINERS, PRESCRIBED TO THE CAMPER AND CANNOT BE EXPIRED. Please make sure the prescription label on the container shows your camper’s name, the name and strength of the drug, the current dosage, and the time(s) given. Please send your camper’s medication in a Ziploc bag clearly labeled with his/her name and date of birth on the outside.


What if my child still wets the bed at night?

If your child regularly or occasionally wets the bed, please call the office to discuss the different options available to make your camper’s time at Lonehollow as comfortable as possible. We train our staff to discreetly handle minor bed-wetting issues. You just need to tell your child that if he/she has an accident to quietly alert the counselor who will have the sheets stripped and soiled linens washed and replaced while all campers are out of the cabin. If you suspect your child may have accidents, please send an additional waterproof mattress pad. Ruined mattresses will be charged to your credit card on file for replacement costs.


What if my child wears glasses?

Please have him/her bring a second pair in case of a break.


What if my child has braces and needs orthodontic work?

We have a local dentist and orthodontist from Kerrville who see camp kids regularly. We will make the appointment and consult with you if we need to take your camper to get dental work done.


Is it a good idea to take a “medication holiday” or start new daily medications right before camp?

Camp is NOT the best time to experiment with new medications or to discontinue daily medications. It can be very stressful on both campers and staff. If you do have a change in medication before camp starts, please make sure you update your camper's online medical form found under Forms and Documents so our staff has the most current information.


What if my child needs a prescription refill or a new prescription while at camp?

Should a new prescription or refill be necessary, our nurses will call the local CVS pharmacy in Kerrville and arrange for pick-up. These will be filed to the camper’s insurance we have on hand. Payment will be via the parent’s credit card we have on file.




What is your mailing address for me to send letters to my camper?

Camper Name


1010 Cooley Lane

Vanderpool, TX 78885


Can I send packages to my camper?

Padded envelopes only – no larger than 10 ½ x 16.  If a box is received, we will return to sender.  No more than two per term.  Exception: if your camper has a birthday while at camp – he/she may receive one additional box. PLEASE MARK IT "BIRTHDAY" in large print on the outside of the box. Candy, gum, other food/drink items, water balloons, confetti, fireworks, pocket knives, etc. cannot be accepted by campers.


Can I talk with my child on the phone?

Only for a birthday or in case of emergency. In general campers are not allowed to make or receive phone calls.


Whom should my child go to if he/she is sad or upset about something? Can he/she call home?

Phone calls are not usually part of the self-soothing process we coach while at camp. So please prepare your child that if he or she is struggling with something (not getting along with someone in a cabin, homesickness, etc.), there are any number of people well-prepared to listen and help. He/she can talk to a cabin counselor, another counselor, the division director who visits the cabin, a crew leader, our camp nurses, or any one of our leadership and full-time staff. We are all here and available to help make each child’s individual experience the best it can be.


Can we visit my child at camp?

Parents and visitors are only invited on closing day.


Can my child email me back?

We encourage good old- fashioned letter writing as part of our camp life. So emails you send will be responded to with a letter in the mail. Please help your child know how to write, address, and stamp his/her own letters.


What if my child is celebrating a birthday while at camp?

What better way to celebrate a birthday than surrounded by hundreds of your best friends?! If your camper’s birthday falls during the camp term, we celebrate Lonehollow style! Campers enjoy a custom-made birthday cake brought right to their table; brothers and sisters are invited to join. Birthdays are announced in the morning and the lucky campers are given a big birthday button, so everyone knows who we’re celebrating. Birthday hats are provided for the table and the entire dining hall shares in the excitement while your camper blows out the candles. Also, at a pre-scheduled time during the day, campers can talk with parents AND grandparents on the phone!

**Please contact the office a few days in advance to pre-arrange birthday call times for you and any grandparents who will be calling.  Call times are reserved for 8:25 a.m., 1:25 p.m., or 7:05 p.m.**






Can my child bring his/her smart phone to camp? On the bus?

Electronic devices with Wi-Fi or cellular capabilities are not allowed at camp and will be stored in the office if campers pack them. However, campers are allowed these devices on the buses to camp. Please note though that camp is not responsible for lost or damaged items that are turned in upon arrival. Those we collect will be returned to parents upon camper checkout.


Are there any special packing needs?


How should I pack my child’s belongings? Suitcase? Trunk? Duffle?

The best way to transport your things to camp is in a collapsible duffel bag (clearly marked with your first and last name). Please no trunks or suitcases. The biggest duffel we can accommodate is 40” x 18” x 15”. Please do not exceed this. Linens and pillows can be packed separately in a laundry bag. And each camper is encouraged to bring a small backpack on the bus.


Will my child need cash for any out of camp trips?

No. He/she will have a camper account through our camp store. Any purchases he/she makes or necessary expenses like laundry or class specific additional expenses will be charged against this account. 10th grade campers, known as Lead Climbers, leaving on out-of-camp trips will be given $20 spending money from this account.


Are there any taboo things campers should NOT pack?

• Candy, gum, any food/drink items, silly string, balloons, silly putty, stink bombs, confetti, fireworks, glitter gel, face paint, pocket knives, magazines with inappropriate content, etc.

• Items that may get stuck on clothing, in the carpet, or in campers' hair

• Items that may be damaging to campers and staff and/or Lonehollow property

• Cell phones, IPODs that have video playback, apple watches, laptops, tablets or e-readers (even if Wi-Fi can be disabled), DVD/CD Players and discs, personal gaming consoles, two-way radios, or any other type of web, texting, or Wi-Fi-enabled device. If these devices accidentally find their way to camp, they will be stored in Headquarters until camp concludes.

• Money

• Valuable or irreplaceable items, such as jewelry, equipment, etc.  Lonehollow is not responsible for loss or damage.

• As a rule of thumb, items that might be distracting to the camp program or that could be damaging/get stuck in carpet should be kept at home.


What if we forget to pack something?

Our camp store, The Outfitter, has most all day-to-day items available to replace anything campers may forget (toiletries, sheets, pillows, laundry bags, hats, water bottles, etc.). Items will be purchased for your child and charged to his/her camp store account. If you need to send something more specific, please contact the office to make arrangements.



How/when will my child do laundry?

Each camper will have his/her laundry washed and dried once per week. The cost is $17 per laundry bag and will be charged automatically to the “camper account”. The laundry service picks up bags once each week and returns them a few days later.  Again, this is why it is important for each and every article of clothing (including EACH sock) be labeled clearly with the camper’s first and last names AND WHY TWO LAUNDRY BAGS ARE REQUIRED. Laundry bags should also be clearly marked on the outside with camper’s full name. Lonehollow is not responsible for damage or loss, so please do not bring expensive or delicate clothing.


Can we ship luggage to/from camp?

Yes. Please contact our camp office at 830/966-6600 to make arrangements.




What is the phone number of the camp store?



Does my child need money for the camp store?

No. That account will be pre-paid prior to your child’s arrival. We will notify parents after camp of any moneys outstanding or refunds to be paid.


Can I send Camp Store Care Packages?

One way to send a package to a camper is to take advantage of The Outfitter (our camp store) care packages. These are delivered to camper cabins. Visit the Outfitter online to schedule your delivery.




How do I get to Lonehollow?


What if I need to take my camper out of camp for a few days?

The only time campers leave camp property is for medical appointments, camp sponsored trips and when camp concludes. Any camper needing to leave for another reason during the term needs to have written approval from the director before camp begins. Please call 830/966-6600 to make arrangements.


What are opening and closing days like?


Opening Day:


Schedule of Activities on Opening Day:

1 p.m.     Camper Bus Arrival

              Check-in at Office

              To cabins for bed-making and meeting fellow bunkmates

3:00 p.m. Camper Orientation/Meet the Counselors

4:00 p.m. Refuel (snack time)

4:30 p.m. Class Registration, Tour, Games

6:30 p.m. Campers go to cabins to change for crew drawings

** New campers wear a solid color collared pullover shirt; returning campers wear their crew color t-shirts.

7:15 p.m.  Dinner

8:05 p.m.  Crew Drawing


Closing Day:


Gates open at 7:45 a.m. on Closing Day. We understand that this is a very early morning; however, your camper can attest that after 10:00 a.m., our Amphitheater gets a bit warm!  Once the majority of parents have arrived, we will release campers from their cabins.  Please try your best to arrive no later than 8:15 a.m.


Before the Closing Ceremony begins, you and your camper will be treated to a picnic breakfast. You can also check out and pre-register your camper for next summer at this time. Our Closing Program highlights campers’ accomplishments during the term.  Following the Closing Ceremony, you are invited to take a self-guided (led by your camper) tour of our facilities. Don’t miss your camper’s cabin where you can meet the cabin Guides, the Dining Hall where you can enjoy a term highlight video, and the Lost and Found table. All Closing Day events should conclude by 10:30 a.m.



And as a reminder, please do not bring the family dog along for our closing festivities.




What number do I call in case of emergency?

Please call our headquarters phone number 830/966-6600. This number is answered daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the exception of during meals. After hours calls can be placed to our Director at 830/966-6608



What if I have to withdraw from camp? What is the cancellation policy?

Unfortunately camp does not always work out for everyone. In the event of a voluntary withdrawal due to homesickness, etc., there will be no refund on any portion of camp fees. If you register your camper for a month term and then change to a two-week term, you are responsible for the full month tuition after March 30th.  Deposits are refundable and transferable up to and including, but not later than, January 1, 2018 and camp fees are refundable and transferable up to and including, but not later than March 1, 2018, with written notice of cancellation to the Camp office.  Lonehollow reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any camper considered detrimental to the total camp welfare. In these rare instances, no refund will be given on any portion of camp fees.


Learn about how to protect your summer plans with coverage from TripMate. Please contact TripMate at 1-800-423-3632 and ask for Tim, Jackie, or Courtney.  Camp Lonehollow’s code is LONE0826TX



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