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In an effort to provide each camper with an ideal camp experience, Lonehollow offers a variety of one, two, and four-week sessions throughout each summer.


Sprockets (July 8 – 12):

The new and improved Sprocket program is a standalone one-week session designed for campers entering 1st-5th grades. The program mirrors our two-week sessions in that campers can custom-build their own activity schedules. They will participate in six activities of their choosing and four unique Evening Programs over the course of the session.

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Short Term 1 (July 28 – August 3)

Both Short Term sessions run concurrently with Term 2B, a two-week session in which other two and four-week campers participate. Available to incoming 2nd-4th graders, the Short Term sessions are an opportunity for your younger campers to experience a little taste of everything Lonehollow has to offer. Short Term campers will follow a pre-determined schedule and will travel to their activities with their cabin mates.

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Sprockets session details

Cabin Assignments:

Sprocket cabins are assigned based on grade level.  At times, two different grades may be combined into one cabin.  We work hard to honor all requests and assign cabins based on mutual requests. In addition, we assign groups of campers from small towns and big cities together so that each cabin has a nice mix of campers from different areas.  All cabin placements are revealed upon arrival and are considered final.  Sprockets sit with their cabins during meal times in the Dining Hall.


Daily Schedule:

Campers will receive their activity schedules on Opening Day, custom-built for them by our Activity Directors and based on their individual preferences. They will follow the traditional Lonehollow daily schedule and will attend each of their six activities three times. Sprockets will participate in all Evening Programs together which will include games, campfires, and a classic camp carnival.


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Sprocket Opening and Closing:


Opening Day:

On Opening Day, campers will arrive by bus and have a chance to meet their counselors and cabin mates and get settled in their bunks. Later, everyone will gather in the Bike Barn for a Sprocket Kick-Off and go on an action packed tour of Lonehollow, complete with a snack, a scavenger hunt, and a stop at the Slip 'n' Slide.


Closing Day:

Sprockets will have their own Closing Ceremony at 10:00 AM on Friday. Gates will open at 9:45 AM for parent arrival and parking before greeting campers in the Plaza and enjoying a short 30-minute ceremony. Afterwards, families can tour cabins, visit with staff, and say their goodbyes. All Closing festivities should conclude by 11:00 AM.



short term session details

Cabin Assignments:

Spots are available to fill one cabin of boys and one cabin of girls, all in 2nd-4th grades. Short Term campers will sit with their cabins during meal times in the Dining Hall and will eat at the same time as the other two and four-week campers.


Daily Schedule:

Short Term campers travel with their cabins to each of their activities and do not have the opportunity to create their own schedules.  Campers who attend Short Term will also participate in some Evening Programs separate from main camp, such as Campfire and Barn Night. Campers will be able to dress up at least once during each session and participate in an all-camp theme night or an age group-specific Evening Program.


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Opening and Closing:


Short Term 1

Opening – Campers attending this session will get the feel of a real Opening Day, riding the bus to camp from various cities across Texas with our two and four-week campers. Once they have arrived, Short Term campers will receive their cabin assignments, meet their counselors, unpack, and begin their program.


Closing – The Short Term 1 Closing Ceremony will be brief and will take place around 2:30 PM during Rest Period. Lonehollow staff members will escort parents into camp and lead them on a short tour before heading to the ceremony in the Bike Barn. The Short Term 1 Closing will last about 30 minutes.






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