one week sessions


Lonehollow offers one, two or four-week sessions to meet a variety of families’ desires for their young campers’ experiences.


ONE WEEK SESSIONS (Short Term 1&2)- Available during our longer two and four week time frames for 2nd-4th graders. A one-week session allows your youngest camper to experience just a taste of what Lonehollow has to offer by journeying through a pre-determined daily schedule and living in cabins with and participating in some nightly activities with only fellow one-week campers.


NEW ONE WEEK SESSION (SPROCKETS) - Lonehollow is proud to introduce a brand new experience for first-time campers looking to build confidence and gain independence in a standalone, week-long session. Available to campers entering 1st - 5th grades, the Sprocket program (July 8 - 12) mirrors our two-week sessions in that campers can custom build their own individual activity schedules. Campers will participate in 6 activities of their choosing and 4 unique Evening Programs over the course of the session. More details are coming soon! Registration is now open for this new session!

sHORT tERM days

Short term camperS experience a little of each activity area offered at Lonehollow. They travel as a group through a pre-determined daily schedule which includes a sample from most departments. For example, Sprockets may go to sports 1st period, where they play flag football on Monday then basketball on Tuesday. Sprockets do NOT get to pick their own unique schedule of activities like our two and four-week campers.  Please note that while campers will spend an evening at the barn, horseback riding is not included in the short term activity schedule.

sHORT tERM nights

Some Evening Programs will be shared with our two and four week campers. However, because Short Term does not include crew-related activities, campers enjoy their own unique events on specific nights. Each session campers will get to dress up at least once and participate in an all-camp theme night or an age group themed event.

cabins / dining

Each Short Term session hosts one cabin (up to 10 campers) of girls and another cabin of boys with two counselors in each cabin. campers sit with their cabins during meal times in the Dining Hall with all the other campers.

opening and closing days


SESSION 1 ( JULY 28 - August 3)

Opening: Campers attending this session will get the feel of a real opening day riding the buses to camp from various locations around Texas with all of our two and four week campers. Once safely here, Sprockets will be escorted to their cabins to meet with their counselors, unpack, and begin their camp program.


Closing: Camp closing, however, will be brief and held mid-day, around 2:30 p.m., during Rest Period. Parents will be escorted into camp for a quick tour and short program in our Bike Barn before returning to our front entrance to pack cars. The closing will last just over 30 minutes.


SESSION 2 ( August 5 - AUGUST 11)

Opening: Sprockets arriving mid-week during our two-week sessions will be driven to camp by their parents and will meet Lonehollow staff members at the front entrance to camp at 2:30 p.m. They will then be brought into camp with their parents on camp vehicles during afternoon Rest Period. During this time, parents and campers will meet their campers’ counselors, take a brief tour of camp and say a quick goodbye before campers go off to settle in and get started. Parents will be driven back to our front entrance for their drive home.


Closing: On Closing Day, these campers and parents will experience the same event schedule as our two and four-week campers who will also be leaving that day. Gates will open at 7:45 a.m. for parent arrival/parking before greeting campers in our Plaza and enjoying our approximately one-hour Closing Ceremony. After the program, families can tour cabins, visit with staff and say their goodbyes.  Closing Day typically concludes around 10:30 a.m.




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