The smell of freshly baked cookies. The comfort of air-conditioned cabins and pillow top mattresses. These are just some of the ways Lonehollow helps campers feel at home. Creating a safe, comfortable and fun-loving environment is our top priority. We strive to do this through custom designed, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment (you should see our indoor rock wall!) and well-balanced, restaurant quality meals (think steak and chicken tenders.) We believe children learn the most about themselves and excel beyond their own expectations when they are in a safe, positive and comfortable environment.


Campers live in a cabin with other same-sex campers in their age group. Typically there are 7-15 campers per cabin with 2-3 counselors. All sleep in custom-built cedar bunk beds and unpack their belongings into a very large drawer underneath. There are also bathroom shelves for toiletry storage.


Great care and consideration are taken when assigning groups of cabin mates. We ask families well in advance to request whom they want (and sometimes, whom they don’t want) to share a cabin. Then we assign these based on age groups, mutual requests, and geographical balance. We want campers to meet as many new people as possible so we vary the representation of small-town and larger city children in one group. Cabin assignments are a well guarded secret and only revealed upon arrival.



Being environmentally conscious is an important part of the Lonehollow culture. Part of this means also keeping our living spaces clean and tidy. This responsibility falls equally on the shoulders of all who live together. In addition to making his/her own bed and keeping personal belongings tidy, each camper is assigned one cleaning responsibility, such as cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the floors, or taking out the trash. And if being environmentally conscious isn’t enough of a motivator for campers, there is a highly coveted reward at the end of the term to the cabin who earned the most points on their daily inspection record!



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