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Big Boppers – Every camper’s favorite Refuel snack; traditionally served the afternoon of Field Day. How could you go wrong with chocolate chip cookies and ice cream combined?!


Birthdays – What better way to celebrate a birthday than surrounded by 400 of your best friends? If your birthday falls during the camp term, we celebrate Lonehollow style! You will enjoy a custom-made birthday cake brought right to your table, and your birthday will be announced that morning so everyone knows who is celebrating. The entire Dining Hall shares in your excitement as you blow out the candles.


Bugles – We keep everyone on schedule with bugle calls. It doesn’t take long for campers to adjust to waking to a reveille bugle, recognizing the soupee call to meals, or knowing when it is time to change classes.


Crews* – After drawing for crews out of the Old Spanish Log the first night of camp, campers become a Tracker, Explorer, or Mountaineer for life. Each crew proudly dons crew colors to various programs and events throughout the term guarding closely their secret pledges and ideals. Each week, they visit their sacred (and well-hidden) Crew Outposts, where they reflect on the week’s activities, crew successes, and goals for the coming week. Pioneers (Pow! Pow!) also meet on Crew Outpost night.


Crew Canoe – This is the final competition on Field Day. Amid cheers from all crew members clad in their colors, four paddlers from each crew navigate an individual boat in an intense race across the lake. These four paddlers are chosen at the beginning of the term and practice throughout. The winning crew’s name is engraved on the Crew Canoe trophy.


Dining – The Dining Hall at Lonehollow is anything but boring! In fact, we sing regularly DURING meals, share camp announcements, and recognize outstanding achievements from the day’s activities.


Eighth Grade Campout*– Each term, our eighth grade campers participate in one overnight campout. They enjoy a steak dinner, s’mores, group camaraderie around a campfire, and sleeping under the stars (for those who actually sleep!).


Field Day* – There is one Field Day during each two-week session where Trackers, Explorers, and Mountaineers engage in friendly competition. The Adventure Race is held the night before Field Day. It’s a giant relay race through camp in which each camper takes on a challenge such as hula-hooping, the dizzy luau, or cookie eating! On Field Day, campers compete in events based on classes where they excelled (archery, riflery, horseback, baseball, cooking, etc.). That afternoon, all crews gather at the Waterfront for canoeing and kayaking events and Crew Canoe.


Four and Six Year Recognitions* – As campers return year after year and reach certain milestones, Lonehollow awards special gifts as thanks for being part of the Lonehollow Legacy. At the end of four years of attending summer sessions, campers are given a special memory journal specific to their camp crew in which they can record their camp memories.  After six summers, campers receive a bronze or silver ring with our gear insignia on it to carry their Lonehollow experience with them throughout life.


Golden Plunger – Intermittently throughout the term, cabins that excel in their cleanup efforts receive the prestigious Golden Plunger trophy (one for boys and one for girls) which sits on their table in the Dining Hall until another cabin is recognized.


Inspection – At Lonehollow, we keep our living spaces clean and tidy. Throughout the term there is an inspection contest between the cabins. Each morning, camp moms review each cabin and give up to five points rewarding cleanliness efforts. In addition to making his/her own bed and keeping personal belongings tidy, each camper a role in helping the group achieve success. Responsibilities include being in charge of the bathroom, vacuuming the floors, taking out the trash, and turning off the lights when all cabin mates are out of the cabin.


Lead Climber Trip* – Our 10th graders prep for and plan a three-day out-of-camp excursion during their time at camp. They will camp out in the Texas Hill Country where they will have the opportunity to utilize their camp skills, strengthen their group camaraderie, and have a lot of Lonehollow fun! They will even plan and implement many of the trip details with the help of their Lead Climber Guides.


Mavericks* – These are campers elected to a leadership role by their crew members after they speak in front of the group sharing why they feel they would be good role models and motivators for the crew.


Nametags – Strengthening our sense of community and personalizing the experience for each person at Lonehollow means everyone (campers and counselors alike) knows everyone else. To facilitate the learning process, we all wear nametags – every day and to every activity.


Ninth Grade Adventure 201 Class* – During registration, 9th grade campers will block off two periods every other day for a special group adventure class. Think paintball, hiking, go - karts, and more!


Picnic Introductions – We eat picnic dinners on Wednesdays and Saturdays while at camp. Dessert for the picnic is a candy bar of your choice. But the way to get your candy bar is a personal introduction of yourself – just one more way we are practicing those life skills!


Qualifications and Patches* – Many of our classes are designed around a curriculum that ensures camper mastery of very specific, advancing skill proficiencies. Once a camper achieves a qualifying level he/she receives a patch to recognize the hard work and effort put in. Campers also earn points for their crews by qualifying. On Closing Day campers will receive the patches in their packets. In addition, each class chooses one boy and one girl camper to receive their exemplary participation patch awarded during our Closing Day Program.


Talent Tuesday/Tie-dye Tuesday – Tuesdays are just a fun day. Campers and staff alike don their tie-dye if they have it and can sign up for our weekly Refuel talent show. Who knows, one day we might see some of that Lonehollow talent appear on The Voice!


Trailblazers* – This very select group of four-week campers is chosen during the term for having demonstrated a commitment to service. Trailblazers lead the charge when it comes to reaching out to campers in need, modeling respectful interactions with campers and staff, and keeping camp clean.


Will Smith Wednesday – What better day to “get jiggy with it?!” We listen, sing, and dance to a lot of Will Smith on Wednesdays! Why? Well why not?!


*These apply only to two and four-week campers.




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