traditions at lonehollow

Events and Activities:


Adventure 201* – a class specifically for 9th grade campers; includes activities like paintball and skeet shooting


Adventure Race*– a relay race through camp in which each camper participates and competes for his/her crew; takes place on the night before Field Day


Crew Canoe* – the final competition on Field Day; four paddlers from each crew navigate an individual boat in a race across the lake. These four paddlers are chosen at the beginning of camp and practice throughout the term; the winning crew’s name is engraved on the Crew Canoe plaque


Eighth Grade Campout*– an in-camp, overnight campout for 8th grade boys and girls


Field Day* –a day of competition between the three crews; campers compete in individual and team events for classes in which they excelled throughout the term; takes place on the last full day of camp


Lead Climber Trip* – an out-of-camp trip for campers entering 10th grade


Vespers – a gathering of cabins on the last night camp to pay tribute to the memories made throughout the term


Awards and Recognitions:


All-Around Achievement Award*– the highest personal achievement a Lonehollow camper can attain. Any camper wishing to earn this award can do so during or after their 5thsummer. Campers must qualify in a specified number of classes, earn at least 30 crew points, serve in a leadership role, and set a positive example for other campers through good behavior.


Citizenship Award* - presented every two weeks to the high point earner from each crew. Campers can receive this award by earning crew points, qualifying in classes, and modeling good behavior throughout the term


Four and Six Year Recognitions* – a tradition in which campers who attend Lonehollow for 4 summers receive a crew journal with a special note from their crew leaders; campers who attend Lonehollow for 6 summers receive a bronze or silver ring at Closing Ceremony


The Furbush Award –an award that honors the memory of Steve Furbush and is the highest counselor recognition at camp; campers vote for one counselor each term that best exemplifies the spirit of Steve Furbush


Mavericks* –campers elected by their peers to serve as role models and motivators for their crews


Pioneer Excellence Award –This honor is awarded to a first year staff member who is consistently camper-focused and service-minded, while exhibiting positive characteristics such as integrity, perseverance, initiative, and grit


Qualifications* – a system by which campers can earn patches and crew points by mastering the skills taught in certain activities on the Waterfront, in the Adventure department, and in Horseback


Spirit Award* – The Spirit Award is presented to one boy and one girl each term as voted on by the Lonehollow staff. This is the highest honor a camper can receive. Campers who receive the Spirit Award consistently exemplify growth, empowerment, adventure, and resilience, the spirit and core values of Lonehollow.


Ten-Year Camper Award – Campers who attend Lonehollow for 10 years will be awarded a plaque at Closing Ceremony in honor of completing the full camp program.


Trailblazers*–a select group of four-week campers chosen for having demonstrated a commitment to service


Other Traditions:


Big Boppers – a snack made of cookies and ice cream; served for morning Refuel on Field Day


Birthdays – celebrated in the Dining Hall with lots of singing and a cake made especially for you


Bugles –played on the loudspeaker to signify when to wake up, change classes, and head to meals


Dining –meals served family-style in the Dining Hall three times per day; sing-a-longs encouraged


Golden Plunger–a trophy awarded to one boys cabin and one girls cabin for consistently good scores on inspection; sits on the table until another cabin is recognized


Inspection– performed daily by Camp Moms who score cabins based on cleanliness and chores that including making beds, cleaning bathrooms, and emptying the trash cans


Nametags – worn by everyone at camp every day; campers and counselors must wear their nametags to receive Refuel


Picnic Introductions – in order to receive candy at Wednesday or Saturday picnics, campers and counselors must introduce themselves


POW! POW! – a cheer said by counselors anytime someone says “pioneers”


Star Wars Saturday/Caturday – on Saturdays, war wages between Star Wars fans and Caturday fans. Campers and staff take sides by wearing t-shirts to support their group.


Talent Tuesday/Tie-dye Tuesday – campers and staff alike don their tie-dye and can sign up for our weekly talent show that happens during both morning and afternoon Refuel.


Tiki Thursday - florals for summer? Groundbreaking! Wear a Hawaiian shirt on Thursday and show off your best hula dance at Refuel.


Wacky Wednesday - at lunch on Wednesdays campers and staff rock funny costumes and crazy hair-dos while jamming to a special Wacky Wednesday playlist! At the end of the meal, the wackiest cabin wins a prize!




*These apply only to two and four-week campers


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