traditions and special programs

Crews at Camp Lonehollow

Crews are at the heart of camp life. Every first year two-week and four-week camper reaches into the Old Spanish Log on the first night of camp and draws a gold E for Explorer, a green M for Mountaineer, or a red T for Tracker. This will be their crew family for life, no matter how many years they are with Lonehollow. All term, campers earn points for their crew by being helpful around camp, during Evening Programs, and qualifying in activities; leading up to the across camp Adventure Race and day long Field Day at the end of the term. All crew competition culminates on Closing Day when the Crew Banner is awarded to the crew with the most points!


On the final night of camp, we gather together as a camp community for Vespers, a time to reflect on the term and share our appreciation for one another. After each cabin concludes their individual circle, there is always a mixture of laughter and bittersweet tears across camp!

Special Programs

Through our full-circle philosophy, we’re not only helping campers learn skills from beginning to end, but also to be the next generation of leaders and role models. Special programs for our older campers help them to take the perspective of a counselor and encourage them to do more for others than themselves.


In addition to a class period each day full of unique activities and adventures, our Lead Climbers, campers entering the 10th grade, take a special trip each term and spend 3 days camping, hiking, and bonding together. They take ownership over the trip from planning their schedule, writing the packing list, and even creating the budget. After each trip, they come back with the biggest smiles, amazing pictures, and even better stories!


Our Work Crew is a blend between camper life and counselor responsibility. While half of their day is  spent as a camper, they also get a sneak peek into life as a counselor by working in the office, assisting members of our leadership team, helping out in the store, and aiding younger campers in classes. With many special traditions and events within the program, our Work Crew often leave their final camper summer with a newfound perspective and geared for the next adventure.


The Lonehollow Trailblazers are a group of service minded campers that hardly have to be asked to help out the camp community; they just take it upon themselves. You’ll see them dutifully picking up trash after a picnic or stopping to wait for someone who has fallen behind the group. Trailblazer membership is open to four-week campers who are in at least their second year at Lonehollow.



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traditions and special programs