packing list:

2 and 4 week sessions

What to pack

Here’s the gear we recommend campers bring. It reflects the minimum our packing experts think they will need since we have weekly laundry service. Should your camper not arrive with one of the items listed in BOLD type, please note we will provide that item at a cost to you charged to your camper’s camp store account. This may delay your child’s ability to participate in certain classes that require specific items such as Horseback.


Put your name on it!

Helmets, towels, socks, etc., all look alike. MARK EVERYTHING with first and last names. You can write in permanent ink or sew on a label.   Put it on everything.



• 10-12 t-shirts and shorts

• 4+ crew colored shirts (if known)

 New campers do not need to bring crew-colored shirts. Shirts do not have to depict crew logos.

• 10-14 pairs of underwear and socks

• 1 pullover type collared shirts (i.e. polo style or button down) for  Sunday

First time campers (boys and girls) - bring 2 pullover type collared shirts – one is required for Opening

Day as well

• 2 pair of khaki shorts for Opening Day, Sunday and Closing Day

• Girls may bring an appropriate length sundress for Sunday service instead of khaki shorts.  Please no strapless dresses or spaghetti straps.

• 2 pajamas or night shirts

• 2 swimsuits – girls must bring one-piece swimsuits or swim shirt/rash guard and swim shorts (not a bathing suit bottom)

• 2 pairs of tennis shoes

• Sport or aqua sandals

• 2 pairs of jeans (if horseback riding)

• Riding boots with very defined heels (if horseback riding)

Horseback riding helmet (must have if riding – must be ASTM/SEI certified). These can be purchased in advance through our online camp store.

Bicycle helmet (must have if mountain biking or boarding – must be CPSC certified). These can be purchased in advance through our online camp store.

• Cap or hat

• 1 sweatshirt or light jacket

• One pair of old shorts and one old shirt (incoming 8th – 11th grade campers only)

• Rain poncho



TWO sets of twin-size bed sheets.  Must bring TWO. If camper only has one, one set of sheets will be purchased and charged to camp store account. (Please note if your camper has accidents, you need to send a waterproof mattress cover.)

Pillow (No more than two)

• Blanket or twin-size comforter

• Sleeping bag for campers going into 8th or 10th grade, and for Navigators (4-week campers). For those not wishing to travel with and store sleeping bags, you may rent one for $20.



2-3 bath towels

• 1-2 large beach towels

• 4 wash cloths, if needed

• Shampoo/Conditioner

• Shower soap (liquid only)

Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Comb/brush

• 2 pairs of glasses or contacts(if needed)

• Sunscreen

• Lip balm



TWO laundry bags (with first and last name clearly marked on outside)

**Must bring TWO. If camper only has one, we will purchase one and charge it to your camper’s camp store account.**

• 1-2 water bottles.  Please no Camelbaks as they are too hard to clean. Must have first and last name.

• Flashlight with batteries

• Stationery, pens, and postage stamps (make sure your camper knows where to find these in his/her duffel)

• Backpack (boys going into 8th -11th grades and all Navigators/four-week campers must have one)

• Swim goggles (if desired)

• Books, cards, friendship bracelet string, or coloring books/drawing pads, if desired for Rest Period



Helmets and Sports Gear

Safety is our top priority. Helmets are REQUIRED for horseback, mountain biking, and mountain boarding.  Horseback helmets must be ASTM/SEI certified. Mountain biking and mountain boarding helmets must be CPSC certified.


For safety reasons, please leave all cleats at home. Tennis racquets, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, and baseball gloves may be brought to camp.  We do have these items available for use if you do not wish to pack them.  If your camper brings golf clubs or lacrosse sticks, they will be checked in and labeled on Opening Day, then stored among Lonehollow’s sports equipment.  Please note that the equipment will be accessible to other campers and Lonehollow is not responsible for losses or damage.  Golf clubs and lacrosse sticks will be returned the day before Closing Day and packed with belongings.

Stuff to Leave at Home

• Candy, gum, food items – We feed campers about every three hours including sweet treats and snacks, so no extras are necessary.


• Knives, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or other dangerous items – Most are against the law for minors.


• Masking tape or Scotch tape – It’s fun to hang photos and letters from your friends and family on your walls but when removing the items, the paint on the walls comes off, too.  3M blue painters tape is the only approved tape to bring to display mementos.


• Bicycles and similarly large sporting equipment – Storage space in cabins is limited so we provide this type of equipment.


• Money – We have everything campers need here, and each camper has a camp store account to charge against if he/she forgets something or wants to purchase anything from The Outfitter.


• Valuable or irreplaceable items, such as jewelry, equipment, etc. – Murphy’s Law contends it most certainly will get lost or broken  at camp. Better not to bring it. Lonehollow is not responsible for such losses.


• Cell Phones, IPODs that play videos*, laptops/tablets of any kind, e-readers, DVD/CD players and discs, personal gaming consoles, two-way radios, or any other type of web, texting, or Wi-Fi enabled devices – They get in the way of good old-fashioned fun, and pose a high risk for being damaged or misplaced. If these items are inadvertently brought to camp, we will store them in the office, and you can pick them up at the end of camp.


• Pets of any kind


*MP3 players that do NOT have video playback, or Wi-Fi capabilities i.e., the IPOD shuffle or SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player, are allowed.*


Why no electronic devices?

Part of the Lonehollow experience is the focus we place on helping campers discover their own unique talents and preparing them with life skills. We don’t want campers to spend their time absorbed in electronic devices.  We’d rather they disconnect to connect with those around them. Campers are allowed cameras; however, if used inappropriately, cameras will be collected and stored in Headquarters until Closing Day. (See the “unplugged” section of The Compass for more detailed information on electronics.)


Hanging around?

Enos and hammocks are a great way to lounge at camp, but we ask that they not be hung from camp facilities.  Trees are acceptable, but bunk beds are not.



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packing list:

2 and 4 week sessions