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virtual tour

While nothing compares to being here in person, this virtual tour takes you around camp to see all the sights and learn more about where everything is!

1 – Treehouses


The Treehouses are cabins that are built on stilts to give the effect of living in the trees!  The Treehouses are located just south of main camp and give the older boys access to their own lake, rope swing, and weight lifting equipment.  These cabins are typically home to our 8th-11th grade boys.


The Treehouse cabins are: Base Camp North, Base Camp South, Trailridge, Switchback, Moab, Split Rock, Summit, Apex, and El Capitan.

2 – The Barn


The Barn is home to our horses and Wranglers (Horseback instructors) and where you meet for Horseback classes.  April, our Horseback Director, also lives at the Barn year-round.



3 – Health Lodge


The Health Lodge is where campers go when they are not feeling well or get hurt.  The Health Lodge is staffed with two Registered Nurses and two Nurse Assistants.  This staff handles distributing medicine to campers, contacting our PA or local doctors in Kerrville as needed, and keeping parents informed if their camper is in the Health Lodge for more than 24 hours.

4 – Dugout and Baseball Field


The Dugout is where our Outdoor Cooking class is held, which is one of our campers’ favorite classes!  Each camper is part of the action from measuring the ingredients to tasting their creation to washing the dishes.


The Baseball Field is the location of several sports classes, including: Baseball, Softball, Pathfinder Soccer, and Pathfinder Field Sports.  We also use the Baseball Field for Evening Programs and Crew Events.


5 – Tennis Courts and Craft Shacks


The Tennis Courts are where our Tennis class is held.  We also use the Tennis Courts for Crew Events and the occasional Evening Program.


The Craft Shacks are where many of our Art classes are held, including: Leather Works, Fused Glass, Ceramics, and Woodworking.  They also house a couple of our Adventure classes: Outdoor Ed and Adventure 101.  It is always fun to watch the action and creativity happening at the Craft Shacks!


6 – Puppy Park


One of our most popular activities at Lonehollow, Puppy Park is home to our four puppies that are taken care of, socialized, and trained by campers and counselors throughout the summer.  At the end of summer, camp families and friends can adopt the puppies and take them home!


7 – Workshops


The Workshops are additional counselor housing.  It is also where Mountain Boarding meets for class.


8 – Soccer Field


The Soccer Field is our main athletic field, which is used for Soccer and Flag Football classes, as well as many Evening Programs and Crew Events.


9 – Headquarters and Dining Hall


Headquarters is the main office at camp.  All of our Full Time Staff have offices in Headquarters.  It is the place to go if campers have any questions.  There is always a counselor at the front desk ready to help campers find their class, print a new schedule, or make a new name tag.


The Dining Hall is where we eat all of our meals (except on Picnic Nights).  Campers sit at a table with their cabinmates and counselors, and meals are served family-style.  To see the menu for your session, login to your CampInTouch account and look in the Forms and Documents section.

10 – The Big 12


The Big 12 are 12 cabins that typically house our 1st-7th grade boys.  Their location in the middle of camp allows the boys to be in the center of all the action!  The cabins hold between 10-15 campers and 2-3 counselors.


The Big 12 cabins are: Highlands, Timberline, Rafters, Sierra, Palisades, Breakers, Prospect, Lookout, Alpine Up, Alpine Down, Mesa Up, and Mesa Down.


11 – Plaza and Amphitheater


The Plaza is where we meet twice a day for Refuel (snack time).  Campers wear their name tag to receive Gatorade, fruit, and a snack, then hang out with their friends and counselors before the next class.  Twice a week, we have a Picnic dinner in the Plaza that includes: dinner, soda (or juice), and candy – definitely a favorite night for campers!


The Amphitheater is where our big ceremonies and events take place, such as Crew Drawing, Skit Night, and Closing Ceremony. 
It is also home to our Yoga class and a great place to sit during Refuel and Picnic.


12 – Volleyball Court


The Volleyball Court is where our Volleyball class meets and plays.  It is also used for Crew Events.


13 – Show Down and Show Up


The Show Down is home to our Table Tennis and Weight Training classes.


The Show Up is used for some of our Performing Arts classes, including: Guitar, Hip Hop, Music, Glee, and Applied Music.


14 – Lake Lodge


The Lake Lodge is a multi-purpose building!  The living room of the Lake Lodge is used as a meeting place for our teen programs, while the back porch is where our Summer Reading and Adventure Fellowship classes meet.  It is also typically home to our 1st-4th grade girls with each cabin holding between 10-12 campers and 2 counselors.


The Lake Lodge cabins are: Lakeside, Clubhouse, Loft, and Canopy.


15 – Camp Store and Post Office


Our Camp Store, The Outfitter, has everything from t-shirts and sweatshirts to stickers and jewelry to items campers may have forgotten at home (sunscreen, toothbrushes, swimsuits, etc.).


The Post Office is where campers drop off their outgoing letters and where counselors pick up their campers’ mail.  Camper mail is passed out at the end of Rest Period.


16 – Bike Barn


The Bike Barn is another multi-purpose building.  Many classes occur in the Bike Barn, including: Basketball, Rock Wall, Photography, Videography, Podcasting, and several Art classes.  The Bike Barn is also used for many Evening Programs and Crew Events.



17 – The Cove


Just next to the Bike Barn is The Cove, which typically house our 5th-8th grade girls.  These cabins each hold 12-15 campers and 2-3 counselors.


The Cove cabins are: Riverstone Up, Riverstone Down, Cypress Up, Cypress Down, Driftwood Up, Driftwood Down, Batcave, and The Fortress (Batcave and The Fortress are located behind the Bike Barn)


18 – Archery and Riflery


The Archery Range is where our Archery class meets and the Riflery Range is where our Riflery class meets.  Instead of having to climb over the Archery Hill, campers use a tunnel that goes right through it!  Both ranges are also used for Crew Events.



19 – Rattlesnake


Rattlesnake is one of our favorite hiking trails and lookout spots at camp.  Rattlesnake is also used as one of our 8th Grade Campout locations.


20 – Silos


The Silos are big grain silos that have been converted into cabins!  The first floor is an open-air porch, the second is a bathroom, and the third is a sleeping area.  The Silos are located on the far north side of camp (remember where the older boys are located?!) and offer the older girls access to their own section of the lake.  The Silos are typically our 8th-11th grade girl cabins and house 12 campers and 2 counselors each.


The Silo cabins are: Silo 1, Silo 2, Silo 3, Silo 4, Silo 5, and Silo 6 — easy to remember!


21 – Waterfront Tree


The Waterfront Tree is where all of our Waterfront classes meet before heading their separate directions.  The Waterfront classes that meet here include: Water Games, Paddle Boarding, Swimming, Canoeing and Kayaking, Sailing, and Snorkeling.


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