Life as a Lonehollow Guide

Spending a summer as a Guide is unlike any other experience or job you will ever have. At Lonehollow guides work hard, yet play harder all while creating a defining experience for all who cross over our mountain. During your time with us you can expect to :

• Work hard (but feel like you're playing harder!)


• Have unbelievable experiences working with children


• Improve your leadership, people and organization skills (things that look good on all resumes – no matter the field of study!)


• Learn to communicate better with children, peers and parents (also good on a resume and for future jobs!)



• Work as a team with 100+ other staff – many of whom become instant best friends you’ll travel the world to see!


• Set a daily countdown on your phone when summer is over ticking off days until we return!


• Eat way too many delicious meals and desserts yet work them all off just going through your daily routine


• Become the subject of a child’s (and probably even more than one!) school essay project titled “The Person I Admire Most”


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What is my job like on a daily basis?

Stated simply … putting others’ needs before your own. The success of each individual camper’s experience depends on the willingness of our staff to go all out, all the time. Spend time getting to know the campers – what are their likes and dislikes, how can you inspire and motivate them, what to do to comfort them when they misstep or get homesick. Opportunities to develop these relationships abound through your cabin involvement, dining hall experience, and class instruction time.


Living in a Cabin - As a Guide you live (or at the very least, spend a lot of time) in a cabin with 1-2 other staff members  and 7-15 campers. You help your cabin family wake up and prepare for their day, host meals with this group, and are the last person to say goodnight to them.


Teaching Classes – During the day, you teach and/or assist in several different classes within an activity department. You are following a curriculum developed to teach progressing skills in new, fun, creative ways. Your instruction areas are assigned based on your own personal skills, hobbies, and experience. Like the campers, you'll maintain your own unique schedule and will follow this same schedule throughout the duration of a term. Each day you will have one off period.


Being a Role Model - Most importantly, you will be expected to remember that no matter where you are in camp, what you are doing, or what you are saying, there is at least one camper listening, watching, and learning!



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